Planning Action: PA 2004-058

Planning Action: PA 2004-058

Planning Action: PA 2004-058

Planning Action: PA 2004

This exhibit is part of a bigger property dispute.

The Jacobsons began making several trips to Ashland to make this happen.

Many neighbors were not happy about two more houses on Black Oak, which is a sleepy gravel road with very little traffic. Another issue was two story homes being built in neighborhoods consisting of single-story homes. Many wanted him to reconsider and opt for 2 parcels.

I, on the other hand, have always felt it was his right as the property owner to develop if that is what he chooses. I remained neutral.

It was I who posted the public hearing sign, which is required by law. Michael informed me as to the exact location it had to be posted and also the exact time and date.

I also asked him on this day; “Why do you want to exploit this beautiful property? Why three lots when two lots would retain that rural feel?”

His response: “The city said it was a ‘condition’ for approval.” City of Ashland stated that because improvements were needed (paving, sidewalks, curb, gutter, underground utilities, ect.) It was best served by developing the property to it’s fullest potential.

He stated that all along it was his intention to sell off the back lot and keep the front portion as is. Within his explanation, I felt as if he had been coerced. I do not have a copy of his original plan. It consisted of removing driveway from Tolman Creek and creating a flag drive on Black Oak to service parcel 1 and 2, with a separate driveway for parcel 3.