Man In Foreclosure Shot In Ashland, OR by Police

Man In Foreclosure Shot In Ashland, OR

Transcribed: A highschool shooting near Portland made people in Southern Oregon even more on edge when reports of a shooting near Bellview Elementary came in this morning.

The Ashland school was never in danger. The police said the “community threat” was quickly contained. Newswatch 12’s Justin Bourke reports from the scene, live in Ashland for where the investigation stands and what we know about the suspect. 

We’re still piecing together the details at this point, but what we do know is that sheriff deputies were called out to the property behind me on Mistletoe Road around 10:00 AM. At some point shots were fired, at least one of which by an officer or deputy and witnesses next door say they’ve had a history of run-ins with the man who lives at that property.

It was an eventful morning as witnesses described the grim scene that unfolded before them. 

“We got in front of the house and that’s when Ashland Police Dept. showed up. They got out of their cars immediately and they had their assault weapons ready to go.”

Sheriffs deputies responded to the property at 35 Mistletoe Road, but wouldn’t confirm how the shooting started.  At least one officer or deputy fired their weapon, and witnesses say a person was later taken away covered by a blanket in a gurney. Deputies on the scene say no officers were injured, but official spokespeople provided little detail. 

“We do have an officer involved shooting, we have multiple agencies here investigating it right now.”

Witnesses in Blackstone Audio, a business next door the property say they’ve had multiple run-ins and received nasty emails form the resident next door, identified by county records as Earl C Harris. They describe him as a “colorful person”, who was both anti-authority and anti-government. 

“He’s got signs posted all over his property, saying; “stay off my property or something bad might happen’. We’ve had issues at Blackstone with that individual as well.”

The major assault and death investigation unit’s team consisting of law enforcement from across the valley will continue the investigation. Meanwhile, officials confirm that Oregon State Police will be leading an investigation of their own into the officer involved shooting.

The Jackson County Sheriff’s Office say they won’t be releasing any more information today, but of course we’ll have more coverage as soon as more details become available. Live in Ashland, Justin Bourke, Newswatch 12.