List of Problems

Debra Neisewander

1159-1161 Tolman Creek Rd.

1) Lot Line Adjustment application is submitted to City of Ashland and agreed upon by both Neisewander and Jacobson’s.

a) Survey to be paid for by Jacobson’s

b) Once survey is recorded, the Lot Line is completed

c) What is the additional square footage that is gained? 876

2) ADU (additional dwelling unit)

Amy Gunther said that due to several events, the 640 square feet of accessory unit over the garage is legal.

a) It has separate utilities

b) It has a separate address (1161) This is the main mailing address for the parcel.

c) The county recognizes it as a separate living space and taxes the 640 square feet

d) On March 12, 1996, previous owner submitted an application for a Minor Land Partition to divide the parcel into two lots and a variance for a side-yard setback for flag drive. In this application, the Planning Department recognized the pre-existing accessory unit as a legal, rentable ADU.

This site plan was approved by Planning Commission. It needed zoning and subdivision plans for final approval and this was never done. Developer will have to start from beginning with application.

3) Taxes
Back taxes currently due from today to May 15, 2013 are $17,121.28.
These will be paid through escrow.

Tax Assessors office is unsure and unclear of why the tax rate went up to $6,391.51

Looks like Assessors office on 9/6/2006 went out and changed the “loft barn” to an additional dwelling unit” resident #2 of 2″ and began taxing the 640 square feet.

a) City of Ashland believes that Debra will need to straighten out the addresses. City of Ashland and Jackson County show 1161 as the main home and main mailing address. (Most likely Utility Dept. gave. address of 1161 when the[y] installed separate utility meter in ADU)

b) We will need to be clear of what the existing taxes actually are but also must consider the future Lot Line Adjustment.

4) TID
$125.00 per year. Are the dues paid for this year?
Are repairs needed to the TID pipe on/to the prop

I call this document ‘List of Problems’. It was written by Susan (REA) and the focus of a meeting discussing items preventing my property from being marketable.