Donna O’ Grady – First American Title


May 6, 2013

Donna O’ Grady
First American Title

1159/1161 Tolman Creek Rd. (Tax lot 1700)
Ashland OR 97520
Owner: Debra M. Neisewander


1167 Tolman Creek Rd. (Tax lot 1800)
Ashland OR 97520
Owners: Michael E Jacobson and Mary A. Jacobson
Tax lot 1900
Black Oak Way
Ashland OR 97520
Owners: Michael E. Jacobson and Mary A. Jacobson

Perfect Scenario for Lot Line Adjustment:

1. Mini Title Report for tax lots 1700, 1800, and 1900 from First American Title
2. Terra Surveyor and Michael and Mary will get the report
3. Surveyor will send the new legal description for the legal deed to Julie Austad and Donna O’Grady at First American Title.
*Karen and Susan at Windermere would like a report if Michael and Mary authorize us to receive it.
4. Title will check for any steps for the partial release; liens, lenders and tax liens
5. Lender gives approval for survey and does the lender’s partial release letter.
6. City of Ashland then gives approval for the survey and the lender’s release and can authorize to record the deed, record the partial release of the loan and to pay taxes.
7. Re-mapping is then authorized.


Debra Neisewander
1159/1161 Tolman Creek Rd.
Lot 1700

Assessor’s Office: 541-774-6059

She will have to pay her back taxes $17,121.28 from 2010 (this amount is up to May 15, 2013) After May 15, tax due amount goes up. Also she will have to pay the errors and correction amount of approximately $2000 and taxes for 2013-2014.

If property closes escrow after June 30, 2013, taxes will include 2013-2014 year also. Buyer gives a credit to seller for the days they own property.

Debra is 4 years behind in taxes.
$17,121.28 up to May 15, 2013

Foreclosure will begin on May 15, 2014 and recorded judgement on August 15, 2014. Once foreclosure begins, she will have 30 days to pay cash or cashier’s check all 4 years plus 5% penalty before the judgement.

There is a 2 year redemption period.

If Debra’s taxes are paid in full by July 1, 2013, the lot line adjustment requirement will be completed on her side.

Letter to me from Susan (REA) regarding phone conference with Donna (First American Title).