Damage Done By Tree Falling On House and Car

Damage Done To Ashland Women’s Tahoe

Everyone has seen the Tahoe in the Durango Herald and Mail Tribune articles. The story also made national news across the country as well. The stories and photos focus on the vehicle, and people don’t really know that the real damage was done to the house.

The Chevy Tahoe is completely destroyed. It’s crazy, the windshield is on the opposite side of the taco than you’d expect. The front cab is non-existent. If people had been in the front seat of the vehicle, there wouldn’t be an open casket funeral, that’s for sure.

The back area held up fairly well. Makes sense as the tree hit the front of the car. I am shocked at the condition of the rear-driver-side door and window, The window is perfectly intact, although the door handle got ripped off.

The engine appears to be in good condition, all things considered. I’m not much of a greasemonkey, so I’m not the best person to comment on it’s condition. We have had people stopping by and asking about parts and scraps, however.


Ponderosa Pine Falls On House in Ashland, OR

The house is where all the real damage occurred. There was no insurance on the house. This is due to the tax scandal that brought the owner from middle class to completely broke. Prior to the back-taxing on a structure that should have never been taxed in the first place, the property was insured.

At least now this will lower the real market value. Since Jackson County is legally exempt from paying the money they owe (Salem protects the corrupt county assessors). Since the property is not sellable due to a landline and property dispute, at least it won’t be as big of a tax liability from this point on.

The tree came crashing down in the middle of the night, landing on the roof and the front of the house. It took out one huge window, blew out another without breaking the glass and caused massive damage to the hip joints and other elements of the roof. The interior ceiling has been slowly getting worst and worst since it happened.

Tree Falls On House In Ashland, Oregon