Amy Gunter: City of Ashland Taxes Unqualified Structures Without Justification

May 28, 2013

Debra Neisewander
1159 Tolman Creek Rd
Ashland, OR 97520

Re. 1159 Tolman Creek Road
39 1E 14CD 1700

To whom it May Concern:

According to the records of the City of Ashland, the garage/barn with loft area is not approved as a second dwelling unit (Accessory Residential Unit) and never has had approval as a second dwelling unit.

Our records indicate that in 1996 it was noted in the file on the property that a Conditional Use Permit would need to be obtained in order for the loft area over the barn to be utilized as an Accessory Residential Unit.

It also appears that in 1996, somehow a second address of 1161 Tolman Creek Road was given to the property. The original and only valid address at this property is 1159 Tolman Creek Road. According to Jackson County Property Data on-line, only 1161 Tolman Creek Road is a recognized address. This conflicts with the City of Ashland records.

In the County Assessors information available on Jackson County Property Data on-line it appears that in 09/06/06 the loft barn was made 2 of 2. studio apartment on 2nd floor by #141.

According to the property owner this revised assessment was made based on a view of the exterior of the structure and that no one went into the barn / garage and loft area.

These modifications to the assessments appear to be in error and no fault of the property owner.

It is possible for the property owner to obtain a Conditional Use Permit to allow for an Accessory Residential Unit but that approval has not been requested at this point.


Amy Gunter
Assistant Planner